Seminar on Healthy Eating Habits and Hygiene

Wayuu Taya Foundation - Friday, 14 October 2011 09:20

As part of Shukumahaya Women’s Center training curriculum, women weavers and Tepichi Talashi School staff attended seminar on healthy eating habits and hygiene.  

On October 14th 2011 Wayúu Tayá’s Shukumahaya Women’s Center held a training course on healthy eating habits and hygiene.  Teachers and administration staff from Tepichi Talashi’s Preschool and Elementary School, as well as women weavers who work at Shukumahaya, attended the all day training course.

For Wayúu Tayá it is critical that children are taught the importance of developing good eating habits at home and at school. As part of the schools education program, Tepichi Talashi provides its students with two meals a day.  The most important part of their nutrition comes from school.   The group of over 40 people brainstormed on how they as a group could improve the eating habits of their students and children, stressing the importance of how good nutrition alone is not sufficient. Washing hands and maintaining personal hygiene are also key steps to good heath.


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